Swimwear Care Instructions

We want your swimwear to last as long as possible.  We create our pieces in hopes to be passed on and loved for many years.  In order to keep your swimwear in its best form, we've created some care info to help you out.
There are many things that work AGAINST swimsuits, like pool chemicals, salt water, sand, high temperatures (hot tubs), suncreens, rough surfaces etc.  You get my point!

SO, a little work may need to be done FOR your suit to extend the lifetime of it.

Things to do:
  • Make sure to rinse your swimsuit thoroughly in cold water as soon as possible with each and every wearThis is important to wash off any chlorine, sunscreen, sweat, loose sand, etc. that will cause damage to the swim fabric.
  • Hand wash suit gently in cold to lukewarm water using an ultra mild soap.
  • Lay flat to dry in shade, NEVER in direct sunlight.  Do not dry on metal.  This may cause rust stains which can be difficult to remove.
Things to avoid:
  • Be aware of rough surfaces such as concrete on the sides of pools, wooden lounge chairs/benches, etc. as they may cause weak spots, snags, pilling, or holes.
  • Do not wring or twist to remove excess water this can cause breakage in the fibres.
  • Do not leave suit too long without rinsing after the pool.  Chlorine on your suit can eat away and degrade the fabric.
  • Do not put your swimsuit in the dryer. The heat weakens the elasticity of the spandex.
  • Do not soak your bathing suit overnight.  This will loosen the fibres.

We are parents too and understand sometimes you may just want to throw the suit in the washer.

Tips if you MUST use a washing machine:
  • Please use the provided wash bag which helps the swimwear from getting tangled up/twisted.
  • Run the cycle on gentle/delicate & cold.
  • Use detergents designed for delicates.
  • Again, DO NOT put swimwear in the dryer!  This is almost a guaranteed way to decrease the life of your suit faster than it should.

Overall, with the right care, the swimwear is designed to be worn & enjoyed for several seasons.  The info above helps to keep it in its original shape, looking beautiful & vibrant.

**Wash bag provided while quantities last.