At Little Buck, we believe it is our responsibility to be as transparent as possible when it comes to the manufacturing of our products.

When creating our company we knew it was important to do our due diligence.  We wanted to ensure our manufacturer's practices aligned with our own values.

Our first thought was of course to find a manufacturer within Canada.  After an extensive bit of research, we found the small size requirements and intricate details of our hats were unable to be met through a local manufacturer.

We have partnered with responsible, qualified companies to produce our hats who have more than 15 years experience.  Who believe in treating each employee fair.  Respect hours of work.  Absolutely NO child labour.  The importance of a safe & healthy work environment and fair compensation.

Although our manufacturing is done overseas, we made sure we conducted a visit to where our hats are made, and plan to do more audits in the future.

With every Little Buck purchase, please know we are involved in every single part of the process.  From creating the initial design concept, to choosing the materials, to placement of the tags, etc.  Every little detail. 

Thanks for checking in!  We hope to continue this journey of working with our manufacturers to create the best possible environment for all.